Foto de Gonzalo Alpuin

I am Gonzalo Alpuin, a self-taught Ethical Hacker based in Montevideo, Uruguay. My expertise lies in web application penetration testing, network penetration testing, and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). I employ both automated and manual techniques in all processes to ensure a more thorough and effective execution of tasks.

I assess web applications for vulnerabilities meticulously , ensuring protection against potential attacks or threats. Additionally, my skills extend to network pentesting, where I utilize advanced techniques to discover and remediate security gaps in network infrastructure.

With my self-taught experience in OSINT, I can obtain valuable insights from open sources that contribute to a holistic understanding of potential risks and threat vectors.

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This certification involves a test that assesses the ability to perform penetration testing on internal networks. It evaluates skills in conducting entry-level internal network penetration tests. To pass, the candidate must show that can use Active Directory exploitation techniques to move around the network laterally and vertically, and ultimately compromise the exam’s Domain Controller. Also need to submit a detailed, professional report as part of the certification process.

This certification program immerses participants in the comprehensive analysis of web application penetration testing. Throughout the course, individuals undergo rigorous testing that tests their skills in performing web application penetration tests, primarily targeting adjunct levels of expertise. The course explores the challenges of identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in web applications, and emphasizes practical hands-on experience to ensure a thorough understanding of the topic. Participants are guided through in a variety of contexts to develop the skills needed to evaluate, analyze, and secure web applications.

The PNPT certification exam stands out as an unparalleled ethical hacking certification, gauging a student’s proficiency in executing professional-level external and internal network penetration tests. Participants are granted five (5) full days for the assessment, with an additional two (2) days dedicated to the composition of a thorough professional report. After the exam, the candidates must perform a live 15-minute debrief in front of senior penetration testers.

The course is designed to train system professionals in hacking techniques with the purpose of providing advice and contributing to strengthening the security of organizations. In addition, it seeks to prepare teams to respond effectively to security incidents. During the course, participants will acquire specialized skills in ethical hacking, allowing them to understand system vulnerabilities and apply proactive measures to mitigate risks, improve security posture and strengthen preparation against possible incidents.

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